Corporate Direct Introduces Registered Agent Services


(Reno, NV)— Corporate Direct announced the introduction of their registered agent services. Based in Reno, Nevada, the company aims to help business owners in all 50 states prevent a piercing of the corporate veil and prevent the possible loss of their personal assets. Those who are launching a business or are interested in a greater level of protection for their existing entity can visit the Corporate Direct website to gain access to free resources that demonstrate how Registered Agent Services can benefit them.

Garrett Sutton, Esq., best selling business author and the founder of Corporate Direct, commented “It’s a cold, hard fact that over 50 percent of all businesses and real estate ventures fall victim to common legal attacks because of an unfortunate disadvantage that we call piercing the corporate veil. When a corporation, LP, or LLC doesn’t have the money to cover what the plaintiff is suing for, the ‘corporate veil’ is what gives them the liability protection they need. Without this veil in place, business and real estate venture owners can be held personally liable for lawsuits against their corporation, LP or LLC, and are vulnerable to losing their possessions. The good news is that we can help them do something about it.”

As legal entities, corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies must follow a set of rules put forth by the state in which that entity was formed. Failure to follow these rules can result in a lack of critical legal protection for these entities. Hiring a Registered Agent Service is an important step in guarding the business and avoiding ‘piercing the veil’ claims that put personal assets in jeopardy.

As Sutton further commented, “Many people ask the question: what is a registered agent? The simple answer is that it’s the person they designate to protect their business by receiving important legal documents and keeping the corporate veil intact. We have made it our mission to help business owners succeed, and that means doing things right from a legal standpoint. We’ll do everything in our power to help them follow the rules so they can be confident that they are protected at every turn.”

About Corporate Direct:

Corporate Direct provides professional and affordable corporate and LLC formation and maintenance in all 50 states. The company offers a superior and protective registered agent service in all 50 states. In the 27 years they’ve been in business, Corporate Direct has provided over 10,000 clients with the most worry-free way to launch and maintain their business.


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